Coordination of the activity of the various departments in a luxury lifestyle hotel require the efficient melding of individuals with various levels of skills and aptitudes into a team capable of delivering the highest level of quality customer service. We believe that written guidelines that detail hotel policies and procedures are a crucial tool in operations management. Regularized routines help assure consistency of service and clear understanding of staff responsibilities.
We employ a variety of proven, written training manuals and checklists that guide the required performance of each department and each staff position in their day-to-day activities. These tools also facilitate regular review of the performance in all major departments. Of course, within those guidelines, we empower staff to exercise a certain amount of discretion, as necessary to meet unexpected situations or service requests from customers.
We bring expert guidance to the acquisition of every type of goods and service required to maintain the highest standards of operations within set budget limits.
Overall operations are directed by the senior staff, supplemented by supervisors in each department including General Administration, Rooms, Front Desk and Reservations, Food and Beverage, Gift Shop, Sales and Marketing, Property Maintenance, etc.

The Rooms Departmental is a critical focus. We provide ongoing monitoring and control of housekeeping standards, procedures and staff training and performance tracking; rooms inspection programs, reservation procedures; selling; staffing and labor controls; maintenance procedures, etc. Control of all rooms related expenses including guest supplies, cleaning supplies and laundry costs will be maintained and standards established and enforced.

In addition, we institute a rigorous discipline of rate management to ensure profitability, using a special system to maximize revenue yields from group rates sold through the sales department, rooms sold on-line, walk-ins, etc. Expenses are analyzed on a cost-per-occupied-room basis rather than merely by percentages to support decision-making on rates, services, etc.