Whether we are involved in a new property or a renewed property, we provide a comprehensive complement of management policies and protocols and a series of rigorous tests of the physical plant, systems, operational procedures, personnel. etc. up to the pre-opening phase, the soft-opening to the final, formal opening.

Among the areas of policies, terms and conditions that we will analyze and set forth are:
  • Admission Policies
  • Room Rates
  • Charges for Commercial Space
  • Charges for amenities and services
  • Credit Policies
  • Entertainment Services and Charges
  • Policies related to use of third party providers such as catering services
  • Food and beverage policies
  • Purchasing and credit policies for securing necessary goods and services
  • Labor policies including wages, fringe benefits, sick leave, pension and retirement plans, employee bonus and benefit plans, collective bargaining agreements, etc.
  • Personnel hiring, disciplinary and discharge policies and procedures
  • Repair and maintenance work budgets and schedules
  • Advertising, public relations, promotions, sales
  • Community relations outreach
  • Opening promotional plans.