Recent Projects:
Sofitel Zallaq Resort, Spa and Marina

The Saleh Hospitality Group managed the development of the Sofitel Zallaq Resort, Spa and Marina in Bahrain. Opened in 2011, the 263-room five-star resort boasts seven palatial roof top suites, each with its own private infinity pool.
While the general interior design concept of the public areas and guest rooms is based on the traditional Bahraini home with carved wood and sandstone floors reflecting the charming architecture of Bahrain, the suites will have themes based on Islamic cultures, with each one representing the unique designs of Nubian, Mogul Indian, Levant, Moroccan, Persian and Gulf Arabic cultures.

The property features wonderful beach frontage, a world-class marina, and an exclusive Thallasso seawater spa for guests to enjoy.

With 100 miles (161km) of coastline to choose from, the developers have chosen a prestigious site on the Western coast of Bahrain offering golden sunsets, diving, boating, and fishing as well as close access to the Bahrain Grand Prix, equestrian events and world-class golf courses.

Guests of the Sofitel Zallaq Resort, Spa and Marina will have luxurious base from which to explore the rich cultural heritage of Bahrain, which spans over 5,000 years as the center of one of the great trading empires of the ancient world and which in modern times offers a unique combination of authentic Arab culture with contemporary commerce, culture and sport.