Tianjin: First International
Central Business District

Saleh Hospitality Group worked with the Jin Bin ERA Development Company, one of the biggest real estate development companies in Tianjin, China on its $1.047 billion "First International Central Business District" development in southern Tianjin, assembling the international management companies to deliver "world class" luxury and service to all phases of the project.
Tianjin, with a population of approximately 10 million and one of the largest industrial cities in China, has been targeted to become the principal financial city of Northern China and is expecting tremendous growth and development.

The project is estimated to begin construction in 2008, with a development period of 5 years.
The mission of the Saleh Hospitality Group and Jin Bin ERA is to make this 7 million square feet project into an international showcase of urban development with cutting edge amenities along with a low environmental impact. The lakefront development will feature the following lifestyle "work, live, play" elements:
• Class “A” office building: 2.7 million square feet
• Luxury five star hotel - 300 rooms: 323,000 square
• Up-scale commercial shopping mall: 1.4 million
   square feet
• Exclusive single-family custom designed homes
• Luxury condos and apartments
• The Weiman Natural Protection Area, the largest
   park in the city

Eventually, this project will bring a new experience of luxury living and working to Tianjin.