Finance and Accounting

Effective property management requires continual monitoring of the financial performance of every aspect of the facility’s operations. We custom tailor our financial services to give owners an accurate fiscal picture on a regular basis. Solid, individualized fiscal management ensures sound forecasting, financial reporting and controls that protect the investors’ asset base.
The budgeting and accounting system reviews include everything from security staffing and procedures to monitor, control and collect accounts receivable, etc. The systems continuously monitor spending and revenues for the current year measured against prior year.
We use sophisticated, state-of-the-art automated property management and accounting systems to monitor, control, forecast and optimize capital, operational, and human resource expenditures and maximize fiscal stability and financial growth.
Forecasts are made annually, and updated quarterly, monthly, and at 15 days and at 3 days so that operational planning can be adjusted in accordance with business volumes and revenue variances.

The facility management team is responsible for proper budgeting, planning and training each department, as well as controlling expenses. Statistics are maintained which foster accuracy in forecasting and profitability control. For example, Rooms Departmental expenses are monitored as costs-per-occupied-room. Housekeeping productivity is controlled based upon standards related to occupancy.

Regular monthly reports will be provided to the ownership.

Monthly ownership meetings with management will be recommended as a means to effectually review and optimize the hotel's operation and financial performance.